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This pair of ospreys, whom Tommy named George and Gracie, reside on the North Fork of Long Island during the summer. They were first spotted in 2014, perching on top of an old television tower located on Tommy’s property. Tommy had a wooden platform installed on the top to encourage the pair to build a nest, and sure enough, it worked. He also set up a video camera to be able to get a unique, up-close view of the birds in their nest.

George and Gracie, in their adolescence, spent the year building up their nest, then flew south for the winter, to return in the spring. In May, they laid three eggs. Tommy and his friends began to watch often as the couple took turns going to hunt for fish and tending to the nest. The amount of interest inspired us to broadcast the stream to the web. Since then, the stream has become incredibly popular, even being picked up by several news sites.

This site is still in its infancy, and we hope to have much more content added to it, including highlights, blog posts, and more.  It was very exciting to watch the babies grow up into another generation of these remarkable birds.  Over the course of the summer of 2015, we polled our users to come up with creative names for the babies. Click here to find out what our viewers came up with.